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Safe In The City

Cyber Chameleon's interview with Luke Evans, Billy in Taboo, February 2002




Luke Evans can scarcely believe his luck. "I've been charmed so far" he told Cyber Chameleon, "How so" we demanded?


Sinking a cold beer, Luke told us how after graduating just over a year ago from Drama School, he immediately went in to the challenging role of Theo in the hit stage play La Cava. "I was afraid I'd be left sitting on my arse for ages and there I was on the West End stage almost immediately" he said laughing.


Luke also played Lloyd in "Best Friends and Butterflies" before moving on to TV soap Crossroads. "Good Fun" he enthused, "I played a real soap baddie, the show hasn't got good ratings though and I think it might soon be axed." When pressed about whether or not he would go back to Crossroads, Luke though smiling and saying "Maybe" gives the distinct impression he means never!


So how did Luke get the high profile part of Billy, the fictional Bromley boy who moves to London in search of fame and fortune, armed with a camera and thighs to die for? "It was bloody hard", he laughs, "guess how many auditions I had to do?" "4", I guess. Wrong.


"I had 9 auditions, and George was at all of them. I was actually offered another role at the same time as being offered Taboo, but I really wanted this show, so it's been well worth it. George has said in the press that my character is a mix of his ex's which I find fascinating." Indeed, it's not hard to see where Luke would fit in there. His character has Michael Dunne's looks, coupled with some Jon Moss charm. Where the nasty streak that pops out at the play's end comes from is best left for George to explain.


Luke himself has had similar story to Billy. Schooled in Wales, he realised that his best hope of making it big was in London. Now as a major player in Taboo, a story of dreams, his are coming true.


Luke is keen to expand on his fun with the show. "The cast and crew here are top notch and it's a great experience working with them". With that, right on cue, he introduces us to Gordon Alexander, who has the position of Fight Director in the show. "Great Fights!" we tell him laughing.


Amazingly enough, the programme states that Gordon has 25 years experience, in my book then he started at 5 years old, cos he doesn't look a day over 30. (That should keep us safe from his experience!) 
Gordon tells us all about his new show "We Will Rock You", the Queen story. "What is it about, fighting Poofs?" we ask!
Luke gets to wear many sets of clothing, as Taboo is as much about the looks as the happenings of the Eighties. "What's your favourite outfit?" we venture. "Well it would have to be the one I wear at the "Fashion Competition" - the one designed by Leigh Bowery - though in all honesty, I'm spoiled for choice in this aren't I?


I know I start off in suburban jeans and shirt, but then I get sucked into the Freaks' world and end up wearing the safer end of the scale of what they would wear".


Indeed he does have some great outfits, from where I was sitting in the front row; the gladiator type skirt was definitely my favourite. Legs to show off and stare at indeed. I don't tell him that I lost where the story was going in that scene as I was daydreaming.


So how much longer will the show run do you think Luke? "Well, I'm contracted to do 6 months, but it should go on longer than that"
"Do you think you'd stay for the whole run, or do you like a change?"
"Well, its very much dependent on what I get offered in the meantime, acting is like that, I mean I'm enjoying this and all, but if something else that excites me comes up with the right timing then I have to think about it."


Luke is delighted to have Sunday, the following day off, and planned a good rest. "It's been hard work to get to this stage with the show and its nice to lie back, which is exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow". With that, Cyber Chameleon wishes him all the best and tells him we'll be back soon and should see him at G.A.Y. "Oh yeah I've got that on too" he laughs. Lucky Git.


Glenn wants a photo with him; Luke drags his fine 6-foot physique up. Glenn panics! No!! "Sit Down! You're too tall, I'll look like a fucking midget!" He sits, I smile, we all say Vindaloo!!!


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