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04.01.2014 в Фанвидео | 0 комментариев

Hobbit: Bard&Thranduil

Просмотры: 30 Добавил: Adminessa Karla-Marx 
Описание материала:

Загружено для www.luke-evans.ru
Музыка: Демон (А.Рубинштейн, исполняет Георг Отс)

On the ocean of air,
Rudderless and without sails,
Quietly floating in the mist
Choirs slender bodies;
Amid the boundless fields
In the sky go without a trace
Clouds elusive
Fiber herd.
Hour of separation, rendezvous
They neither joy nor sorrow;
Them in the future there is no desire,
They do not regret the past.
On the day of lingering unhappiness
You about them only vspomyani;
Whether to earth without the participation of
And thoughtless, as they are!
Only the cover of night with
Those at the top of the Caucasus in the autumn,
Only the world, the magic word
Spellbound, silent;
Only last month gold
Because of the mountains rise gently
And furtive glances at you -
To you I will fly;
I'll stay until morning star
And the silken lashes
Dreams of gold waft ...

Год: 2014
Актеры: Люк Эванс, Ли Пейс
Язык: Русский

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